An Introduction to Learn+ premium

When we launch Learn+, we will launch a premium service alongside it.


Learn+ aims to be a free service that anyone can access, and we don’t plan to change that, but we wanted to offer a slightly more extensive experience to those who need it.

Features include:

  • Live help and tutoring (people can also be tutors and earn some money)
  • Bonus extensions offered by course creators¬†(course¬†creators get some revenue out of this too)
  • No ads or sponsorships atall. Our aim is to put unobtrusive advertising that is relevant to the learning content on Learn+. We know this is possible because companies like Spotify have done this.
  • Many other secrets.

Premium does not have a price point yet but it will be a fairly cheap subscription and we hope that we can demo some of it to you very soon!

Alex Choi

CEO and Founder

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