Are we approaching the end of mobile?

Mobile technologies have come a long way. It feels like ages since I used a flip phone it the rate of development is amazing.

A flip phone, now a rare sight.

However does it not feel to you that we are maybe approaching the end and possibly something bigger is round the corner?

If you look at all the annual updates from major tech giants, they seem to be more and more minor each year, at least in my opinion. Gone are the days when every single update is cool and now we are just getting bigger, more colours or features added which no one really cares about.

Also you can tell that many of these features could have been added years ago… Like the new split screen on the iPad could have technically been done a while ago. Although it is a classic business tactic of planned obsolescence, the tech industry is probably doing it more than any other. Yes, I’m looking at you Apple.

iPhone 6S


The current iPhone 6 and 6S only really had a shape change from the iPhone 5 and 5S/5C. The only really technical change was force touch, with even its use debatable. Of course Apple add more processor power every year but that isn’t really a big enough buying point in my opinion.

Personally I think the tech industry is running out of things to add or take away from mobile devices. Over the past few years they’ve slowly added features.

I don’t know what these companies have in store and I think the future of mobile is uncertain.

Alex Choi


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