What 3 years of Arlix has taught me

It is strange to think that I have now been in Arlix for 3 years. 2012 we launched and it was very different. Many of you may think how 3 years of Arlix has not led to much however I was only 12 when I launched my company called a203 apps.

It was last year where I started to gain real experience. It started with my first team member, Dan, who unfortunately is no longer with us. He volunteered to be customer support and I was amazed that someone actually wanted the post but he was a technology enthusiast and wanted to be part of something like what was then Ace Technologies. When you hire your first person, it worries you a bit. I had never met this person in real life and did not know whether I would be able to trust him and to my relief I could.

Although my first per

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