World Youth Organization app update

We’ve been very lucky to be working with the World Youth Organization over the past few months.




As you may have heard, we are building their app and we have almost finished that.

There is a lot of potential for it and we hope it helps the charity with its aim to support young people by providing more opportunities to them worldwide.

The launch of the app is the day after the main charity launch in the Houses of Parliament.

The app will be available for iOS devices running iOS 8 and higher and most Android devices on Icecream Sandwich (4.0) and above.




An Introduction to Learn+ premium

When we launch Learn+, we will launch a premium service alongside it.


Learn+ aims to be a free service that anyone can access, and we don’t plan to change that, but we wanted to offer a slightly more extensive experience to those who need it.

Features include:

  • Live help and tutoring (people can also be tutors and earn some money)
  • Bonus extensions offered by course creators (course creators get some revenue out of this too)
  • No ads or sponsorships atall. Our aim is to put unobtrusive advertising that is relevant to the learning content on Learn+. We know this is possible because companies like Spotify have done this.
  • Many other secrets.

Premium does not have a price point yet but it will be a fairly cheap subscription and we hope that we can demo some of it to you very soon!

Alex Choi

CEO and Founder