World Youth Organization app update

We’ve been very lucky to be working with the World Youth Organization over the past few months.




As you may have heard, we are building their app and we have almost finished that.

There is a lot of potential for it and we hope it helps the charity with its aim to support young people by providing more opportunities to them worldwide.

The launch of the app is the day after the main charity launch in the Houses of Parliament.

The app will be available for iOS devices running iOS 8 and higher and most Android devices on Icecream Sandwich (4.0) and above.



The Arlix Team – How we work remotely

One of the most amazing things I found about our team is how many of us do not actually know each other in person yet we still all managed to come together online and create things.

Where are we all?

At Arlix we are name our base as the UK but only myself and two others actually live there. The other 12 or so people live in other country’s all around the world.

Below is a map of all the country’s (or states in the USA) where we have had a team member.


How do we communicate?

Unlike main companies, we cannot just sit down in a room together and talk, we have to communicate thousands of miles apart, we also have to coordinate everything across loads of different timezones. When it is midday in the UK, everyone in the US is just waking up and everyone in India is having dinner. This means it is extremely hard to find a time where we are all free.

To overcome this we have 3 coordinators, two company coordinators and one head of the project. Normally at least one of us is online which means that things sort of run smoothly. We often use online chat to communicate and occasionally use video conferencing to discuss more complicated things.

How do we find our team?

This is one of the questions I get asked most. To find a team of people I have never met and to get them to trust you and for myself to trust them is really some achievement.

In brief, social  network mining is the answer. I often think where would I go to find these people, where would they be. If you search “teen developers” you don’t really get anything useful apart from news articles talking about a few. To really find the correct people, I had to mine massive lists of people who possess interests that a type of person I am looking for might have. It takes time but it pays off and you never know where you might find someone.

How we manage workflow

When you don’t have physical connections, it is not easy for you to just pass papers across the table. We host all our code online and have to use special cloud tools to manage data. It all sounds very long-winded but it actually works surprisingly efficiently.

So in conclusion I am extremely grateful for how great my team are and its an amazing thing to do!



Social Media – Friend or Foe?

Many business now try to attempt to connect with potential and current customers through social media. It is also supposed to be a easy and fast way to promote your business. Despite the numerous advantages that are shown, I will tell you about my thoughts though Arlix’s experience with it.

Case 1: It’s your friend

Social media can be helpful indeed and the costs are even better. Many social networks do make their money out of advertisements and you can reach out to the audience you are trying to reach out too. Arlix itself has never actually paid for social advertising but our marketing team definitely want to spend something on it! Probably the biggest reason we use social media is that it is one of the most efficient news broadcasting methods available with one being able to get a message out to loads in seconds.

Case 2: It’s a foe

Social media can be a pain too. There is spam, there is people trying to get help all through mentions and also there is often a whole lot of hate. Arlix has experience all these things through the time that we have been on social media and we have not enjoyed it! Our support team cannot count the number of times that people want us to reset a password just going from their Twitter information and I cannot believe the amount of hate we get too.

I guess that the social media path is one that is treacherous but can have great rewards along the way.