The fall of Ace Technology

If you have been with us for about a year you might remember something called Ace Technology or what if you know me in person was referred to as “Ace Tech”. This was really a great point in Arlix History. Even some of my friends still ask me how Ace Tech is doing even though it is no longer something.

The reason Ace Tech is so significant was because it setup Arlix and some of its fundamentals. Ace Tech was when I got into Android development with the release of products like Radar Browser and our most popular Colouring Things and was also the rise of our first team. A few people in my class had roles like “Head of Global Operations” and “Finances manager” and they got sort of payment in “Ace Pounds”.

Those were good times and I did kill Ace Technology when I thought about giving up coding and stuff because I never really felt good by it but I saw the meaning and decided to turn Ace Tech into a real business and make it professional rather than just a class mucking around. That is how Arlix was born and the company that you know today.

History – a203 apps

Many people see Arlix to be a young company and I guess it still is but the true first instance of Arlix was around 2012 when it was called the rather uninspiring a203 apps.

What was a203 apps?

I created a203 apps as my developer name when I made my first BlackBerry app. I was the only developer (it was only in late 2014 I actually found a dev team) and the website was so very basic. I also created many other simple feed apps like one that was a movie review stream and the other game reviews.

Why BlackBerry?

I developed for BlackBerry because it was free, that was the only reason. Android and Apple both required you to pay a sort of sum and I could not really do that when I was only eleven. Also I owned the rather unappreciated BlackBerry Playbook which was BlackBerry’s attempt at making a tablet.

I was really shocked by the amount of app downloads the first ever app got, it was a news app for my school. I would not of have received the same amount of downloads on any other platform since the app market on BlackBerry was so untouched and still to this day BlackBerry is the market in which Arlix gets the majority of its downloads.

The end of a203 apps

a203 apps when on all the way into 2013 before some friends and I decided that we should change it to something more stylish which as you probably know is what was Ace Technology.

In memory of a203 apps, a while ago we released Arlix News for BlackBerry which was another news feed app that now loads from Arlix’s social feeds.

This was really the start of what is now and it is amazing to see how technology has changed.