Update – Server Security Breach

Dear Customers and Followers,

We are very sorry for the direct messages sent to you all. This was due to a security breach of our servers. Please do not click on the link because we have been made aware it contains malicious material which could harm your Mac, PC or Mobile device. We are happy to let you all know that the issue has been resolved by our tech team and that our servers are secured once again. As a corporation we will now focus on our servers and make sure that they are never breached again.We will also make sure all of our customers and team member’s are safe on our servers. Once Again we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website or senior staff.

Hasan Ahmad
(Head of Marketing and Media)

Being the Newbie

Hi I’m Hasan and I joined Arlix during April. Joining Arlix was an exciting and new experience. I was about to work with a really great team on something that I really loved. The team was very helpful in getting me settled in, helping me get to grips with all the software’s we use. I was immediately given a task and it was to gain 30 likes on our Facebook page. Alex was very flexible with this allowing me to set my own targets. I believe this was key to my development within Arlix as it helped me realise my true potential.

Arlix is a very relaxed workplace, there are very little deadlines to meet and targets are always set by you. The senior staff come across in a very friendly manner, helping you with you with any difficulties you have with your code, design or strategies. Because Arlix is a multi-national company you also get to meet and talk to people who are across the world! This helps you learn new tips and tricks within your areas of expertise which begin to help you throughout your Arlix career.

Overall, Arlix has really helped me develop as worker and also a person. The friendly environment you work in helps you concentrate on your work as well as helping you make new friends. The senior staff are really friendly and are always there to help. In all honesty I couldn’t have asked for more!

Hasan Ahmad
(Senior Marketing Manager)