Are we approaching the end of mobile?

Mobile technologies have come a long way. It feels like ages since I used a flip phone it the rate of development is amazing.

A flip phone, now a rare sight.

However does it not feel to you that we are maybe approaching the end and possibly something bigger is round the corner?

If you look at all the annual updates from major tech giants, they seem to be more and more minor each year, at least in my opinion. Gone are the days when every single update is cool and now we are just getting bigger, more colours or features added which no one really cares about.

Also you can tell that many of these features could have been added years ago… Like the new split screen on the iPad could have technically been done a while ago. Although it is a classic business tactic of planned obsolescence, the tech industry is probably doing it more than any other. Yes, I’m looking at you Apple.

iPhone 6S


The current iPhone 6 and 6S only really had a shape change from the iPhone 5 and 5S/5C. The only really technical change was force touch, with even its use debatable. Of course Apple add more processor power every year but that isn’t really a big enough buying point in my opinion.

Personally I think the tech industry is running out of things to add or take away from mobile devices. Over the past few years they’ve slowly added features.

I don’t know what these companies have in store and I think the future of mobile is uncertain.

Alex Choi


World Youth Organization app update

We’ve been very lucky to be working with the World Youth Organization over the past few months.




As you may have heard, we are building their app and we have almost finished that.

There is a lot of potential for it and we hope it helps the charity with its aim to support young people by providing more opportunities to them worldwide.

The launch of the app is the day after the main charity launch in the Houses of Parliament.

The app will be available for iOS devices running iOS 8 and higher and most Android devices on Icecream Sandwich (4.0) and above.




An Introduction to Learn+ premium

When we launch Learn+, we will launch a premium service alongside it.


Learn+ aims to be a free service that anyone can access, and we don’t plan to change that, but we wanted to offer a slightly more extensive experience to those who need it.

Features include:

  • Live help and tutoring (people can also be tutors and earn some money)
  • Bonus extensions offered by course creators (course creators get some revenue out of this too)
  • No ads or sponsorships atall. Our aim is to put unobtrusive advertising that is relevant to the learning content on Learn+. We know this is possible because companies like Spotify have done this.
  • Many other secrets.

Premium does not have a price point yet but it will be a fairly cheap subscription and we hope that we can demo some of it to you very soon!

Alex Choi

CEO and Founder

What 3 years of Arlix has taught me

It is strange to think that I have now been in Arlix for 3 years. 2012 we launched and it was very different. Many of you may think how 3 years of Arlix has not led to much however I was only 12 when I launched my company called a203 apps.

It was last year where I started to gain real experience. It started with my first team member, Dan, who unfortunately is no longer with us. He volunteered to be customer support and I was amazed that someone actually wanted the post but he was a technology enthusiast and wanted to be part of something like what was then Ace Technologies. When you hire your first person, it worries you a bit. I had never met this person in real life and did not know whether I would be able to trust him and to my relief I could.

Although my first per

Why failure is needed for success

I wrote this article for the World Youth Organization a few months ago and I thought it might be worth sharing it here on the Arlix blog as we aim to make further use of it.

Failure is a rather negative topic, but I feel it is something that all of us come across in our day to day lives, especially young people. You might do bad in your exams, you might not to go on a date with that special person you’ve been longing to, it could be a wide variety of things but deep down I feel that failure is needed for success and I’m going to try and show you why.

1. Mistakes are often the best lessons
Failure can be due to chance, like losing the lottery, but normally that failure that matters the most are the ones that come from mistakes or decisions.

I’ve had a lot of failure from mistakes whether it’s been with friendships or just poor grades in an exam but I can say that those failures have often shown me where I need to go next and what I need to do, which leads me onto number 2.

2. Failure means can provide answers
Somethings we just don’t know until we try them, failure can often show us when something is for us or not. My parents might cook me something and I may not like it (could be a failure to please), that shows them that I don’t like it and they might know not to cook me that again. Although that is a very minor example, you can put that on a lot bigger scale.

3. Failure can make you strive to do better
We’ve all felt angry at some point in our lives… Often we don’t like to accept failure, and that’s a good thing because it inspires us to do better and to work harder.

Big names in business for example have all failed before they succeeded, Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Henry Ford, all experienced their share and that only inspired them to try even harder, and when they did they succeeded.

4. Failure provides you the best chance of success
This might sound a little weird but research by Stanford University showed that those who are at the top of their field have failed a lot. Failure gives you knowledge and knowledge is power. The more you know, the more of an edge you have over someone else.

I hope these thing might’ve brightened up your day, especially if you’ve recently experienced failure. Remember that many paths to success will go through it, and a saying I really like is: If you never fail, you will never succeed.

Some Learn+ updates

I thought it might be nice to keep you updated on how Learn+ is going.

We are now improving the functionality on the website to actually work and app functionality should be coming soon. Please note that if you are a beta tester then you may not get app access as soon as website access is available. Things like our course builder are coming along well and we can’t wait to start building our own courses ready for release with it.

We are also going to be relaunching our crowdfunder soon so please do support us to receive a few rewards from us aswell on Kickstarter.

If you still wish to register for the private beta then please email

We’re really taking the time to build a quality product so please continue to bear with us. The public launch date is set for the end of this year and the beta’s are coming soon around late summer and autumn/fall.



The Teen Developer Alliance

If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook you will know that recently we joined the new Teen Developer Alliance which is basically a group of teen tech companies and individuals who have come together to try and promote each other’s stuff and connect in a community.

Darshil Patel (now an Arlix team member) and myself decided that we should try and connect more teen developers so we set out to create this alliance. We realised that one of the main problems that face teen developers and entrepreneurs is that they do not have enough brand exposure and resources so we thought maybe if we tied together a few then we could create a much better community.

This is all very new and it is no way what I would like to call big yet but I think if one TDA company or individual takes off their idea more will join. We like to welcome members from all over the world so do fill out the form at to join!


Register for Learn+ private BETA this Autumn

According to our current standing and progress and private BETA will be launched this Autumn for selected individuals to try out Learn+. This is mainly a period where we are targeting potential course makers to make their courses for Learn+ before its public BETA and full launch towards the end of 2015.

So you might be wondering whether you can make a course for Learn+. Well the simple answer is you can. If you are knowledgeable in any skill or subject, you can probably teach it on Learn+. Whether you can dance or teach quantum physics our aim is that you can teach it to anyone.

If you have ever made YouTube tutorials they can easily be integrated with Learn+ and its features by simply embedding your videos in the course creator.

If you are interested in getting access to our private BETA when it is available ages a way then get your name on the list by contacting



Even more diversity

Recently at Arlix we have strived for diversity. Recently we got our first team member in South America which means we now have a team member in the main 6 habitable continents (maybe one day we will get a guy from Antarctica!!). 

The complement this feat we have also launched our Twitter in Spanish and German so that we can reach even more people and bring them with Learn+. We hope that we can interact with more people around the world then ever before and build a product that is even more for people then any other.


The fall of Ace Technology

If you have been with us for about a year you might remember something called Ace Technology or what if you know me in person was referred to as “Ace Tech”. This was really a great point in Arlix History. Even some of my friends still ask me how Ace Tech is doing even though it is no longer something.

The reason Ace Tech is so significant was because it setup Arlix and some of its fundamentals. Ace Tech was when I got into Android development with the release of products like Radar Browser and our most popular Colouring Things and was also the rise of our first team. A few people in my class had roles like “Head of Global Operations” and “Finances manager” and they got sort of payment in “Ace Pounds”.

Those were good times and I did kill Ace Technology when I thought about giving up coding and stuff because I never really felt good by it but I saw the meaning and decided to turn Ace Tech into a real business and make it professional rather than just a class mucking around. That is how Arlix was born and the company that you know today.