Find out about us and what we do

Our history

Arlix Technologies was originally founded in 2012 as an app development company. Our founder, Alex Choi was passionate about technology and loved building apps. Alex loved building apps, software and other things so much, he found other like-minded students all around the world like him and formed today's Arlix. Arlix Technologies is now a proper startup and working on many things!

Our values

In the Arlix team, we are only built on trust and that's why we put extreme care into our products. We think about every users needs and attempt to make products that make a positive impact on people. If you do experience a fault in a product then contact support@arlix.co.uk

Our team

Arlix Technologies is a team of around 20 students from around the world who do coding and marketing in their spare time as a passion and hobby. We are always looking for more talent and you can enquire about joining us! Learn more: Join the team!